The Dance Class Dash


A cute gift idea for young dancers – #demidancer, a dance bag for girls with ballet card game.

It’s a Dance Class Dash!  You’ve packed your dance gear: shoes, tights, tutu, leo, bow, but do they match?  Well, you better run and hope for the best.

In this super fast card game, you’re getting dressed for dance class and each article must be placed in order over the next item.  First to play out their cards wins the game. Your dance girl will love it!!


Number of players: 2

For Ages: 5+

Playing time: 2-5 minutes


  • One Sparkling Blue Purse
  • One deck with 54 high-quality poker-sized cards
  • Rules fold-out page


Elisa Prashad and Richard MacRae


Bell Yan

two girls playing demidancer a dance bag and cardgame for girls

Download the Official #demidancer Rule Booklet

Fast Play

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