Experience the life of a ballet dancer, from the Barre to a Star.  Know your positions, use the right moves: collect gems; treasures; and the tiara.  A game that will keep you on your toes.

Duels of Cartisora

A shotgun card game, based on infamous warriors of their time. Quick to set-up, easy to play with 15 different possible games in one box.  Coming to Kickstarter:  January, 2019

King of Indecision

A Noble in the King’s court, you try to gain his Royal favour, but he’s constantly changing his mind about what he wants. Still, you try to gather as much of the items he desires (for the moment).


A card game of speed, coordination and anticipation.  Place the right article on top of the next and be first to play out all your cards and then take a deep breath.

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