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Ernõ Rubik

Inventor of Rubik's Cube

The circle of your game’s fans has already formed and will continue to grow

Alexey Pajitnov

Creator of Tetris

A riveting battle of strategy and wit. It’s well thought out and balanced, with high replay value. I thoroughly enjoy this game.

Ben Cook

Instructional Designer

This is an amazing game that we play every day and will come to enjoy through the ages forevermore.

Bobby Bennedict

Board Again Playtester

I absolutely loved playing this game. The rules were straight forward, and after the first round, my friends and I were hooked.

Mariam H.

Play Tester

This is an intensely fun game. You never know where things will end up. It’s fast-paced and different each time; that’s hex tile games for you. And the suspense …

Elisa Prashad

Board Game Designer - On Pointe

If you’re looking for that perfect gift for the child in your life or someone that you know that is a ballet enthusiast, I would highly recommend this.

Jennifer Bartlett

Board Game Librarian & Dice Tower Reviewer

On Pointe is without doubt, family-friendly and easy to learn and there’s still a challenge here if that’s how you want to play it.

Brittany Maia

Board Game Coffee Reviewer

One of our favorite games to play as a family. I also bring it with me when I go to game events and it’s always a hit, even with ‘hard core’ boardgamers.

Garth Elliott

School Teacher

The more you replay it the more you see the depth and how your strategy can grow in this game. 

It’s quick fast fun – an instant Classic

Tyler Anderson

Bearded Meeple Reviewer

A great casual experience, with some interesting choices, great aesthetics, and minimal effort required for set up or teaching. If you enjoy light dice games, pour yourself a cup of coffee and check out the great artwork and components, unique theme, fast turns.

Naomi Laeuchli

Casual Game Revolution Reviewer

From the art, game play, the interaction it brings from your group, this game is phenomenal and a must have in your game collection. All gamers from beginner to advanced will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Tim Anderson

Board Game Geek Review



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