King of Indecision

A Noble in the King’s Court, you try to gain His Royal favour, but he’s constantly changing his mind about what he wants.  Still, you gather as much of the items he desires (for the moment) to advance your status over the other nobles. King of Indecision is a beautiful, new hex-tile board game.

Expand the land, capture treasure, trade at the marketplace and get ready to make your offer to the King.  Your position in Court depends on how you use your resources, the actions you select and presenting your offering at the exact right time. A great gift idea for fans of the medieval period and those who enjoy good strategy board games with hex tiles.


Number of players: 2-5

For Ages: 8+

Playing time: 40-50 minutes


  • 45 Hex Tiles
  • 44 Demand and Replenish Cards
  • 5 Offering Cards
  • 5 Reference Cards
  • 1 Scoring and Round Tracker Board
  • 1 Round Tracker Marker
  • 1 First Player Token
  • 20 Play Pieces
  • 168 Tokens – denominations of 1
  • 30 Tokens – denominations of 3
  • 54 Tokens – denominations of 5
Joe Slack
Michael Christopher

A Hex Tile board game