Latte Throwdown

Latte art throwdownds are most commonly set up in a bracket-style, single elimination, winner-take-all contest.  Judges look for the best latte art, evaluating composition, symetry, color contrast and the difficulty of the chosen pour.  Competition is fierce, as Baristas compete head-to-head, under pressure to pour a beautiful tasty cup of coffee.

In this game you are a Barista competing in a latte art throwdown competition and must complete and score as many latte pours as you can before your competition does!  You score points by matching your dice to to the combination of dice printed on the Latte Cards.  The first Barista with 20 points wins.  But beware, the other Baristas can undercut your designs or snatch them from you when you least expect it.  Hold the pitcher steady, impress the judges and don’t spill your milk.


Number of Players:  2-4

For Ages:  8+

Playing Time:  20-30 minutes


  • 1 Game Board
  • 18 Barista Cards
  • 36 Latte Pour Cards
  • 36 Dice (6 each of 4 unique colors and 12 white dice)
  • 4 Play Pieces (each matching in color to the colored dice)
  • 1 Rule Book


Corey Keller

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