Duels of Cartisora

You enter the sandy pit of Cartisora with confidence.  Your opponent faces you at the far side of the fighting field, weapon brandished, brow furrowed.  Looks like a worthy opponent, but you don’t let that show. Instead you draw your weapon and charge your enemy, with an intimidating battle cry.

Only one of you will leave this arena alive.

A shotgun card game based on infamous warriors of their time.  Quick to set-up and easy to do battle — a perfect test of wits and quick thinking and playable almost anywhere.


Number of players: 2

For Ages: 8+

Playing time: 5 minutes per round (played in as many rounds as desired)



  • 6 Warrior Card Decks
  • 1 Special Abilities Reference Card for Each Warrior
  • 1 Boast Card for Each Warrior
  • 4 Special Abilities Cards for Each Warrior
  • 1 First Blood Token
  • 1 Finisher Token
  • 1 Rule Book
Jeremy Moshe
On Kickstarter, August 2020

Print and Play

Now you can try out two of the battle hardened warriors of Cartisora;

Mercutio the Swashbuckler and Rilka the Destroyer.

They’re matched to perfection.

Just click the two buttons below to download the sneak peek Print and Play version.

Play a few rounds and let us know what you think?

Tabletop Simulator

Duels of Cartisora is now available through “Tabletop Simulator”. You’ll need to download and install Steam on your computer and buy Tabletop Simulator, but you’ll be able to try out the game for free.


A quick game of ‘Duels of Cartisora’ by two accomplished players. It takes many games to become this good and think fast at the game table.

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