Duels of Cartisora


This fast-paced tabletop card-based game simulates unique warrior skills and weapons differences in a brilliant asymmetrical shotgun card game for two.

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You enter the sandy pit of Cartisora with confidence.  Your opponent faces you at the far side of the fighting field, weapon brandished, brow furrowed.  Looks like a worthy opponent, but you don’t let that show. Instead you draw your weapon and charge your enemy, with an intimidating battle cry.

Only one of you will leave this arena alive.

The asymmetrical warrior skills demands intelligent tactical decisioning, as if playing a game of chess in which each side plays with a different set of pieces and actions are simultaneous.

A shotgun card game based on infamous warriors of their time.  Quick to set-up and easy to do battle — a perfect test of wits and quick thinking and playable almost anywhere. The game is contained in a box the size of a standard paperback pocket novel.


  1. Anthony Chau

    Duels of Cartisora is a fast, easy to learn, trick-taking, pick-up game for two players, with great dynamics, beautiful art and vicious undercuts. It’s war – with style

  2. Thomas Grogan

    The art is beautiful and you don’t want to interpret a quick game as easy.

  3. Elisa Prashad

    Imagine rock-paper-scissors, but way more variable, as each warrior is unique, yet they’re all balanced. Now you’ve imagined 2 asymmetrical fighters in the battle pits of Cartisora.

  4. Joe Slack

    I’ve watched Cartisora emerge into a tight, fun card game, where you outthink your opponent, by selecting from interesting choices. The multiple decks add to replayability.

  5. Angelica Mendaglio

    The battle mechanics are paired cleverly with specialized cards that can be used by players to turn the tides of battle in their favour.

  6. Ben Cook

    Duels of Cartisora is a riveting battle of strategy and wit. It’s well thought out and balanced with high replay value. I thoroughly enjoy this game.

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