Best party game for travel or the coffee shop


Listit is a party game for friends! A  casual card game where hilarious discussions emerge, as you uncover your friends’ prejudices and weird associations.  With more than 500 witty, wacky, and sometimes controversial topics answered in lists of five, Listit will reveal the true nature of your friends and anyone you play with. Great to play with friends on Zoom or out on a patio together.

The twist?

The only correct answers are those shared with other players.


Number of players: 3 -10

For Ages: 18+

Playing time: 25 – 60 minutes


  • Two decks with 54 high-quality poker-sized cards each
  • 106 list cards with 5 topics each (a total of 530 list topics)
  • 2 category reference cards
  • An elegant, sturdy matte blue & gold two-piece cardboard box
  • Rules printed on the inside of the lid


Erik Åhsgren, Björn Bergström, and Björn Torstensson


Marta Murguia and Gerald Retzos

How to Play

Rick Perez will teach you the rules and show you how to play LISTIT, an easy game to learn, with so much craaazzyy  😝  FUUUNN!.

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