🎉🥂 LISTIT: The Party Game 🍹🎊


Get your friends together for a hilarious game that takes minutes to learn, but will keep you going for hours. We promise plenty of “are you kidding me?” and “why didn’t I think of that?” moments. 🎉 🥂 🍹 🎊


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Listit is a casual card game where hilarious discussions emerge, as you uncover your friends’ prejudices and weird associations.  With more than 500 witty, wacky, and sometimes controversial topics answered in lists of five, Listit will reveal the true nature of your friends and anyone you play with, but in a fun way.

The twist?

The only correct answers are those shared with other players. 🎉🥂


Number of players: 3 -10

For Ages: 18+

Playing time: 25 – 60 minutes


  • Two decks with 54 high-quality poker-sized cards each
  • 106 list cards with 5 topics each (a total of 530 list topics)
  • 2 category reference cards
  • An elegant, sturdy matte blue & gold two-piece cardboard box
  • Rules printed on the inside of the lid

8 reviews for 🎉🥂 LISTIT: The Party Game 🍹🎊

  1. Ekkelito

    I tried this game with a couple of friends after dinner and some beers. It was really fun! We were actually planning to go out that evening but we ended up playing it for so long the place we were heading to was closed when we had stopped playing.

  2. Joyce Knox

    It’s so different depending on who you play with it really doesn’t get boring! And unlike many other so called party games, it’s all up to you to make the game fun – you are not limited by any cards dealt with pre-defined wittyness. Love it!

  3. BjarteMan

    Loved this game. Just tried it and both me and my friends liked the topics the gameplay and the discussions it led to.

  4. BoiledEgg74

    It’s simple, but funny. Nice little filler game if you’re hosting a game night full of party games.

  5. apsaros

    Fun, fast, awesome!

  6. David Van Drunen

    Fun compact party game

  7. Mike Lancaster

    Awesome game! I highly recommend it

  8. Elisa Wilson Prashad

    This is one of my favourite games! It’s so fun to hear what your friends have to say. Five star fun!!!!!

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