πŸ‘‘ King of Indecision πŸ‘‘


A Noble in the King’s court, you vie for his Royal favour, but he’s constantly changing his mind about what he wants. Still, you gather as much of the items that he desires (for the moment) to prepare your strategic offering. A suspenseful family game and great board game with friends. πŸ‘‘




King of IndecisionΒ is a light strategy board game with a build-up of suspense over each round that results from the core mechanism of the King’s new demand cards, seemingly showing him changing his mind. There are plenty of options to choose from, as you push-your-luck, all while watching the actions of your fellow nobles.

The rules are designed to be simple and intuitive with varied and clear choices on how to deploy your workers and assign them actions to take. There is always something productive to do and players are able to use a variety of different strategies distinct from each other in trying to gain the all important ‘favor’ of the King during each of the 5 rounds of play.

The result of the uncertainty about the King’s change in demand is what creates the push-your-luck element that raises tensions and stakes over each round, creating a sudden decompression when he does. As a result, the game is exciting and suspenseful with lots of interaction right until the very end.

There’s typically no clear winner until the last round of play and there are plenty of opportunities to catch up.

The game is designed to be highly entertaining, made from quality components and adorned with medieval style artwork that is bold, bright and beautiful, making the game aesthetically pleasing, as it expands on your table. πŸ‘‘


Number of players: 2-5

For Ages: 8+

Playing time: 40-50 minutes


  • 45 Hex Tiles
  • 44 Demand and Replenish Cards
  • 5 Offering Cards
  • 5 Reference Cards
  • 1 Scoring and Round Tracker Board
  • 1 Round Tracker Marker
  • 1 First Player Token
  • 20 Play Pieces
  • 168 Tokens – denominations of 1
  • 30 Tokens – denominations of 3
  • 54 Tokens – denominations of 5

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 5 cm

24 reviews for πŸ‘‘ King of Indecision πŸ‘‘

  1. Hydriden

    A lot of fun for such a simple game. The rules were easy to follow. You’d think with something like this there isn’t much strategy, but between your movement and placement of land you can find a way to try and get the advantage. I recommend this game to everyone

  2. Harry81ca

    I enjoyed playing this game as much as Century/Splendor.

  3. yaskd

    Super fun to play. Very exciting. Keeps all players on their toes through the game.

  4. Callipigus

    Rating based on a late-development version played with the designer at Protospiel. Good mix of strategic and tactical decisions arising from a very simple ruleset.

  5. TinaH

    Very original and enjoyable game. Highly recommended.

  6. mavm

    The game play mechanics are simple yet interesting, it is thematically fun, all in all, I really enjoy this game! Would definitely recommend giving King of Indecision a play!

  7. Michael Chartrand

    What I liked about this game the most was the simplicity of the rules and the complexity of the strategy. Being colour blind the symbology works well and makes it easy to see differences in items being collected.

    There should be more Hex-based games I think. I loved carving out a path and laying tiles down while exploring. Very good game – it’s now on my “want to buy” list!

  8. Elisa Prashad

    This is intensely fun game. You never know where things will end up. It’s fast-paced and is different each time.

  9. Voula Banks

    An absolutely fabulous game!

  10. Paul Brown

    I’ve had the absolute pleasure to play this game a couple of times, and each time it was a blast! It is a simple enough game to keep all interested and intrigued, while boosting a friendly level of competition. I especially enjoyed that the opportunity to win, even when you’re at the bottom, presents itself with each new round and that it can be played out in half an hour to an hour, depending on the amount of people playing.. Just the right amount of time to squeeze in a few games in a game night. I highly recommend this game to any and all, whether it’s a family game night, or a group of friends.

  11. Mikhail Honoridez

    Had the opportunity to playtest this at the Snakes & Lattes Game Design meetup. Very fun light strategy title!

  12. Lisa

    I got to playtest this game. I enjoyed it very much. Easy to understand rules that don’t take an hour to read is always a plus. Light strategy, and always a chance to catch up if you are behind. Can’t wait to buy this game.

  13. Kerri B

    It’s sooo much fun!!

  14. Clay Holmes

    Played this game at Protospiel North and had lots of fun. Especially liked how the King changes his minds and the strategy impact the change has on your decisions!. Very enjoyable game.

  15. Calder Holmes

    We got a chance to play test this game at protospiel North and had an awesome time! The aspect of the king constantly changing his mind on what resources he values is a great way to ensure every player is always in the game and never feels left behind or unable to catch up. This means you can implement a bunch of different strategies to try and win the king’s favour over the course of the game. Would highly recommend and will definitely be picking up a copy when it comes out!

  16. Scott Kelly

    I enjoyed this game quite a bit. The rules were easy to play, but there was a lot of strategic choice. The placement of random hex tiles means that the board will be different each game so you you might need to adjust your strategy each game, and it makes the game very replayable.
    I was behind for most of the game, but never felt like I was out of the running, and ended up winning due to a good plan for the last round.

  17. Owen Smith

    Not too complicated to learn but many ways to apply strategies. Good graphics, reasonable playing time and lots of options during your turn. Well done!

  18. Mariam H

    I absolutely loved playing this game. The rules were straight forward, and after the first round, my friends and I were hooked. The rules are easy but there is still a lot of strategy involved. The board (or tiles) will always look different so it doesn’t feel repetitive. The game design is aesthetically pleasing which is a bonus for me.

  19. Renee Neal

    I recently play tested this game and I was hooked.
    It’s a pretty straightforward concept and there is a variety of strategies you can choose to employ.
    I can’t wait to play it again and use a different strategy.

  20. Proclaimer77

    Enjoyable game! It does involve some strategy, which I liked. The rules were not difficult to understand and the game is pretty quick.

  21. Pratap Ramamurthy

    The game-story is … there is a king who keeps changing his mind as to what he wants (Gold, Spices, Peacocks, Horses, Silk) throughout the game, the players are all in his court. The objective of the game is to please the king.
    The game has hexagonal tiles with different commodities, that are placed to create the landscape, which grows dynamically through the game. The landscape is built organically, so there is a very natural variation to each game that makes it repeatable fun.
    The game is well balanced and gradually speeds up: in the initial rounds players are forced to grow the landscape, and later part of the game where players start offering to the king.
    We all loved it, and my kids loved it too (possibly because they won the game).
    Since I was playing with children, I “sacrificed” many of my moves to build the landscape which helped everyone! This brought in abundance in the end, that the kids loved.

  22. Mountainpony

    Quite the little surprise! A great family-weight game with a very intuitive ruleset and fun theme. I’ve only played a couple games so far but everyone involved has had fun each time. Luck feels like it might have a greater effect on the outcome than I would like, but the game makes up for that with the simple yet meaningful choices it often presents to players: when to bank your resources, to save them to trade later, or to spend them for that extra worker and action; whether to push your luck one more round, hoping for the right tile or Replenish card to appear. Resources are not very plentiful and get snatched up by players rather quickly. The scarcity makes collecting the demanded resources more competitive, while the non-demanded resources remain valuable due to the Trade action and future demand changes. It all leads up to an exciting reveal at the end of each round, where some players come away cheering while others bury their faces in their palms.

  23. Schmoseph

    after 2 plays and realizing how the workers can help, it become a good fun game – Well done!

  24. Alex the Pretty Good

    Interesting take on resource management. The gamble of taking that extra resource or risking a new demand card and having no offering makes this less predictable than you’d think at first.

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